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Ope!  Well Hello 'dere buddy!  Now I just know you've been wantin' some stickers that truly represt who ya are as a Midwesterner (or a Midwestern Ally- thanks a whole bunch!) Now you can!   These Stickers come in 4 choices:

-Midwest States: we're all a kooky bunch ain't we?  But you'll find no other gaggle of states in the continental US more polite or passive aggresive!

-Cows!  One of my favorite things to say neutrally as I'm driving through Kansas.

-Hell is Real!  Made in homage to the famous sign in Mt. Sterling, OH.  One thing that I love about the Midwest?  No matter what rural highway you drive down you are guaranteed to be reminded of your own mortality.


These are orderable as individual stickers or as a whole pack. They are printed on waterproof vinyl and are perfect for your laptop, waterbottle, hockey stick or combine tractor. As usual these stickers were designed by me and printed by our good friends over at Sticker Bunny.

Midwest Midbest Sticker Pack!

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