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Time to get lost in the slime, baby!!!! Let the world know that you are an invertebrate who can secrete their own mucus in order to move quickly by stitching this patch into a jacket or onto a backpack. 


Due to the nature of this products creation, minute differences in design may occur in your order.  This patch is roughly 4x4 inches and has an iron-on adhesive on the back, however, for permanent adhereance it is recommended that the patch is also stitched into the fabric surafce. 


Ironing on instructions: 

1) Place patch on desired fabric, adhesive side on the fabric. 

2) On top of the patch place a thin piece of fabric, such as a tea towel, to prevent burning the design.

3)  Using an iron set on a high setting (usually cotton), press the iron down hard onto the covered patch for 30-45 seconds. 

4) Carefully flip the cover, patch, and fabric over and iron the back of the fabric that the patch is being adhered to and repeat step 3.  

5) If your patch hasn't adhered to your fabric, repeat steps 3 and 4.

6) Hooray! You have a cool new patch!  For permanent adherence, use thread to stitch the patch into place. 

Embrace Slime Embroidered Patch

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